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Present and Justify the Hypothesis

Research proposal like any other type of a research paper needs to contain a strong hypothesis to be proven or declined in the process of the proposal writing. This will be initial stage in the whole research proposal writing process for you – to find the appropriate hypothesis. On the basis of the chosen idea there should be developed the strategies, and finally, the decision needs to be made. They distinguish academic and scientific research proposals. Decide which of the two types you need and start composing it with no hesitations.

Avoid Common Mistakes while Research Proposal Writing

In the process of research proposal writing you need to be aware of the common mistakes, so typically made by non-skillful proposal composers. These are poor vocabulary and grammar throughout the paper, presenting too many details for the investigated topic, absence of the persuasive arguments development etc. To ensure that you have done no mistakes while writing a proposal try to proofread and edit it once or twice.

Incorrect structuring of the proposal is also a very common mistake. Remember the well-though and generally accepted structure for winning proposal writing: Introduction – Topic Area – Research Question – Approach and Methodology – Supposed Results – Summary.

Stages of the Proposal Writing Process

The research proposal writing itself falls into several stages. Each one demands careful concentrating to be significant and comprehensive. First of all, you need to gather the information for the research (by means of Internet surfing, literature review etc.). Then you are to indicate the basis statement and discuss the most important arguments. After the careful outlining of the future research proposal you may proceed with the entire proposal writing. Remember that it should include both the synthesis of the prior studies on the topic and your own preliminary suppositions in this context.

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